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As Photographer, Model, Modelcoach, Coach and Choreographer, I worked and lived all over the place in the fashion world. In cities like Milano, London, Miami, Los Angeles, Athens, Barcelona and Cape Town. I had the the chance to work for some of the most established and biggest Companies  within great Teams, with the best Directors, Designers, Choreographer, Photographers, Stylists, Make-up Artists, Actors and Models. With some of most very well known people throughout in Media and Fashion World. For example, Michael Air Jordan, Joana Lumley, Pele, Giorgio Armani, Bob Krieger, Peter Lindbergh and many more,  just to drop some names.


Everybody who had anything to do with Men´s Fashion in the past year´s has seen me with international brands. For example Olymp, Yves Saint Laurent, Gillette, Etro, Inghirami, Debeer´s Diamonts, adidas, Puma, Gatorade, Mc Donalds ....and many more companies. 


I have a passion working with humans on and off Camera. The content of each task matters to me the most. Through the big variety of international experiences working as Model, I started with photography in 1996. The reason at these days was that Agencies confirmed that I had a great "eye" for Talent. I thought that I could do even better helping and giving human directions. That was the time when I started to assist Agencies, Companies, Photographers, Art Directors worldwide. 


I love these moments when people realise that they reach a different level with their performance than they did before the coaching. Everything comes from inside. All what I do is just like on a piano, to play the right key at the right moment. Allowing time, mindset and skills to take place.


Everyone´s life is defined by a wide variety of key data, such as age, duration of career and social environment. My personal mission is to use everything I got to upgrade individual performances within the given key datas. Every human is as different as each finger on a hand. Therefor their is no standard recipe. That's why I love what I am doing. I have made and worked with Stars and some very well known humans at our time.  

Each journey is a journey for myself as well.  

Personal Qualifications:

- Master of photography

- Several Acting Workshops

- Fitness Expert - B License

- Nutrition Expert

- Polar Fitness Watch Expert

- NLP Basics

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