As Photographer, Model, Modelcoach and Choreographer, I worked and lived all over the place in the fashion world. In cities like Milano, London, Miami, Los Angeles, Athens, Barcelona and Cape Town. I had the the chance to work within great Teams, with the best Directors, Designers, Choreographer, Photographers, Actors and Models. With some of most very well known people throughout in Media and Fashion World. For example, Michael Air Jordan, Joana Lumley, Pele, Giorgio Armani, Bob Krieger, Peter Lindbergh and many more,  just to drop some names.


Everybody who had anything to do with Men´s Fashion in the past year´s has seen me with international brands. For example Olymp, Yves Saint Laurent, Gillette, Etro, Inghirami, Debeer´s Diamonts, adidas, Puma, Gatorade, Mc Donalds ....and many more companies. 


I feel very comfortable working on both sides, in front and behind the camera. Through the big variety of international experiences working als Model, I started with photography in 1996. The reason at these days was that Agencies confirmed that I had a great "eye" for Talent. I thought that I could do even better helping and giving young talents directions. In fact I had the feeling for the right moment, but technically the pictures weren't good at all. Due to the analogue technic in the cameras I had to start working on my skills. That was the time when I started to assist photographers all over the world on different photographic fields.


Beside the love to everything what has something to do with photography, I want to develop talents. Putting Models towards different situations, where they learn how to use skills, faith in themselfs and technic to create unique Moments.


Technical Surrounding at work as Model and Actor on Set or on Stage is defined through Clients, Photographers, Advertising Agencies, Directors, Choreographers and Designers long way before. It´s about the Model and Actor to create with this parameter it´s  playingfield.

Personal Qualifications:

- Master of photography

- Several Acting Workshops

- Fitness Expert - B License

- Nutrition Expert

- Polar Fitness Watch Expert

- NLP Basics

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