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.........statements like this, or very similar feedbacks I keep hearing from Models, Artists and Actors after I have started working with them. Meanwhile I have lead over 1800 Models, Actors and Artists to more success.


It doesn´t matter, weather it was for a Campaign Shooting for Nivea in Asia, for an Vogue Editorial Shooting, or for a big Commercial in the USA. Most of the Models, Actors and Artists I had worked with are immediately right after the first Coaching or Workshop more successful, because they behave and feel more confident within themselves and workwise. They fullfill the demands on the job to the fullest sactisfaction of the clients.


I know what I do! I worked worldwide on a variation on productions in Photo, Film/TV and Show, in very different and some very challenging work situation. I have been involved in international Campaign Shootings in Studios, shootings on Mount Everest, between 3.500 metres and 5.500 metres, shootings in the Desert of Sahara with 50 degrees in the shade, shootings across Costa Rica through wild Jungle, up on a Volcano, Canyoning, or on many different TV Commercial in one as a Apnea Diver, etc.

I have experienced everything!


It is out of personell interested that I help Models, Actors and Artists to get more powerful and confident. Only if you know exactly where your personel potency is due to, you are able to develop further to revive yourself. The most important fundament to run a Career successful on a long-run.


The industry is full of unwritten laws. Therefor it is important to do the right thing at the right moment to 100 percent right. 


I promise:

I make everybody after a very short time of cooperation more successful.


For every Model, Actor and Artist it is possible to give active impulse to influence the career in a positive way. I offer through my variation of personel qualifications an varying range of cooperation options. It varies from beeing a personal Consultant, to a range of different Workshops, for beginners as well as for professional Models, Actors and Artists or individually organized Testshootings.

Please view my service offer, for more detailed informations.





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